Dressage training Sunday 30th June at Melrose farm with Darren Woods:
10 am Florence hember, Bethan, Iona Morven Banks
11 am William Amanda Lord, Bayleigh, Eti Teresa Ward
Dont forget passports. Correct pc uniform including hair nets. Please do not tie haynets outside of vehicles. Please clear up the car park.

Senior rally times for Tuesday 18th June
Melrose Farm
Instructor Sophie Stanley

Holly and Maud Lukins B-Nash
Beth Rachel Mills
Bayleigh Jacob Sophi Marie

Bea and Flo Crowther Rebecca Mccune
Katie Duval Caroline Johnson
Boo Powell Sharon Powell

Please be ready to ride on time . Please bring your passports. PONY CLUB uniform is a MUST . Clear up all hay and droppings left in the car park .
Penny Harlington is there for first group
Caroline Johnson second group .

Area dressage test training 19th June times with Alison Short

Please allow enough time to warm up before your time .

Your 30mins session will be going through your test with Aliso helping you to improve certain areas . The none ridden part is to help you understand how you can improve as well .


4.00 Nicola Lamper Ange Lamper

4.30 Dids Hunter Emma Hunter Tom Hunter

5.00 Nicola Dids Katy Duval Caroline Johnson none ridden session


5.30 Katy Duval Caroline Johnson

6.00 Charlie Bateman Inge Bateman

6.30 Dana Bateman Inge Bateman

7.00 Charlie Dana none ridden session


Please be ready at your allocated time and bring the test you are doing at the areas.

Any queries contact Tracey 07824367937